Coffee table book printing

Beautiful, museum-quality, custom coffee table book printing.

Give your cookbook the high-end quality it deserves. Perfect for small publishers and self-publishing authors who want to make an impact in their reader's kitchens.

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Are you not sure how to achieve vibrant and accurate image reproduction that rivals the high-end books of your competitors?

Is choosing the right binding and paper options too overwhelming, making you worried about the long-term durability of your book?

Do you wish you had an experienced team you could trust to take care of all the book printing logistics?

Does your book require extra details like a ribbon, foil stamping, embossing, or a custom box?

Coffee table book printing—
quality that you can be proud of.

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Why choose Firewire Publishing to print your coffee table books?

At Firewire Publishing, we print books on art, food, travel, interior design, wildlife and so much more. Here’s what choosing us means:


Smyth sewn binding

Bind your books using smyth sewn binding, and publish a longer-lasting and higher quality book. Adds to the strength of the book and contributes to its aesthetic appeal.


Archival-Quality Paper

Enhance the longevity of your book and make colors stand out more with our archival-quality paper options. Resists yellowing and enhances the vibrancy of colors.


Customizable finishes

Elevate your book with a wide array of finishing options, including foil stamping, embossing, and matte or gloss coatings, for that perfect touch. Create a book that captures visually striking images for capturing the attention of readers.


Color accuracy Assurance

Enjoy precise color matching with your images or photos, using advanced printing technologies. Captures the essence and details of visual content with maximum accuracy.


Offset Printing

We have the ability to print children's books, high-end coffee table books, art books, journals, board books, and many other types of books. We cater to the requirements of each book type and ensure a professional and polished outcome every time.


Professional Design services

Optimize your book's design with our professional layout and formatting expertise. Our print-friendly formatting translates seamlessly from digital design to tangible, high-quality printed copies.

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How does our
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We provide you with a competitive quote for your custom book printing project.

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Before going to press, you receive a digital proof so you can be confident in your final product.

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Our experienced team will print your books, package them safely for transport, and deliver them directly to your door or warehouse.

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