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We help business professionals self-publish and grow their authority.

Publish a book that shares your valuable expertise and takes your business to the next level.

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Grow your brand

DIY self-publishing can turn into a nightmare.

  • Do you know someone who poured hundreds of hours into learning how to self-publish a book and it still just turned out mediocre?
  • Does the thought of finding and vetting freelance designers, editors, printers, and distributors give you headache?
  • Has your competitor already published a book and you feel like you're falling behind?
  • Are you worried about losing credibility in front of your peers if your book isn't the best quality?
  • Does it seem risky to hand over your royalties, copyrights and creative control to a traditional publisher?
  • Are you overwhelmed just reading all this?

Take your place as the thought leader in your industry.

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Hands-Free Publishing

Leverage our streamlined self-publishing process where we help make your book a success—one step at a time.


Expert Team

Gain access to a world-class team of editors, designers, and self-publishing experts who have worked on major best-sellers.

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100% Control

Maintain 100% creative control and keep all of your copyrights and royalties, now and forever in the future.

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Experienced Ghostwriters

Work with experienced ghostwriters to bring your book ideas to life—all while maintaining your unique voice.

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Firewire wasn’t only a book design partner, they were my publishing accountability partner throughout the whole process—getting the book actually written, edited, and finished.

Miranda Anderson
Founder, Live Free Creative

Focus on your business

Leave all the small publishing details to our expert team and free up your time to keep building your business—and maybe even take a nice nap.


Become an industry leader

Watch your brand (and your ROI) grow exponentially while you make your mark as an industry leader and authority figure.

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Land more clients

Harness the power of your book to realign your marketing platform and land more clients, close more contracts, and book more speaking gigs.

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Become an Author

Join the ranks of business professionals who are using a book to expand their business reach and make a difference in their industry and the world.


Leave a legacy

Pass on your hard-earned knowledge to other entrepreneurs and solidify your legacy in the marketplace.

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Grow your audience

Transform your brand platform into a global community of dedicated fans and clients who need the services and value you provide.

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We get it, self-publishing can feel overwhelming.

After helping hundreds of clients write, edit, design, and publish their books, we know that it’s easy to feel like publishing a book is beyond reach. That's why we developed a seamless, self-publishing experience that reduces your time commitment, ensures best-in-class quality, and guarantees a smile on your face and a book with your name on it.

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How does it work? Glad you asked.

Select your publishing path

Pass on your hard-earned business experience to other entrepreneurs and solidify your legacy.


Work with our team

Work one-on-one with our team of experts to develop your book.


Launch your book

Launch your book and grow your business.


Book Design

$ 5,995

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Work with a pre-vetted book designer

Custom cover design

Custom interior design

eBook conversion

All working design files

100% control

Firewire WhiteBook™ welcome package


$ 9,995

Everything in Book Design plus:
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Amazon FBA fulfillment/distribution setup

Offset printing and shipping logistics

eBook retailer distribution

Amazon Keyword research

Library of Congress filing

Free ISBNs for all formats

Retain 100% royalties / copyrights



$ 16,995

Everything in Self-Publishing plus:

(2) copyediting passes

(1) proofreading pass

Author bio, book synopsis and description

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$ 35,995

Everything in Editing plus:

Comprehensive publishing strategy

Weekly 1 hr interviews to gather content

Dedicated ghostwriter for your manuscript

In-depth marketing consulting with your internal team

Language translation services available for global multi-lingual release

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