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Book Printing in China: Pros and Cons


Morgan Crockett

With the low-cost services and high-quality results, printing your next book in China has many benefits.

Illustration of a modern book printing facility in China

For many of the large publishers, book printing in China isn’t anything new. Recently, many self-publishers have come to realize that there are many benefits to printing your books in China. With the low-cost services and high-quality results, the service has many benefits. However, there are some limitations when outsourcing book printing to China. We're going to explore all of the ins and outs to decide what is right for you. 

Benefits of Printing Books In China 

When deciding to self-publish a book, it is important to gather your resources to make the best decision possible for your publishing journey. If you are looking for high-quality service with a low cost and customization options, book printing in China may be a great option to explore. 

What is the Cost For Printing Books In China?

Self-publishing a book is a big undertaking. Because of that, you want to get the most out of your money. By printing books in China, you can expect to keep costs low. So, how does the cost stay so low? The extensive economy in China means production costs are kept low. They are able to print large quantities of materials for a fraction of the price. The average order for a published book is typically 40% less expensive than it would be in the United States. 

The abundance of raw materials, such as paper, allows costs to be efficient and low. Many companies use materials from local forests or import supplies with minimum cost. The combination of low labor costs, cheap materials, and efficient production keeps book printing in China very cost-efficient. 

What Kind of Book Printing Quality Is In China?

With a low cost, it is common to think that the quality of your self-published book may be lacking. That is actually the opposite when it comes to book printing in China. We work with reputable Chinese printing companies that guarantee your books are printed on state-of-the-art equipment. The majority of the equipment found overseas is the same as a factory in a North American printing company. Plus, the employees are trained with a careful eye to craft every last detail to be sharp and clear. 

Can I Custom Print My Book In China?

No matter what kind of book you have in mind, it can come to life in China. China has vast resources that allow for all styles of customization for printing books. Whether you are looking for digital, screen, or offset printing, it will all be available. Different-sized books, the style of bindings, covers, and color can be customized to the last detail. Paper options aren’t lacking either. Choose from glossy, silk, or uncoated to bring your book to life. These are just a fraction of the customization options you can have when printing your book in China. 

Cons of Printing Books In China 

There are some setbacks when book printing in China that can make self-publishing slightly complicated. Explore the details below to see what might be a challenge. 

What Will The Timeframe Be For Book Printing In China?

Depending on where you are located, it could take longer to receive and ship your final product. The location of where you are shipping to could impact your decision, but as long as you plan the timing of delivery, it shouldn’t be much of an issue. Books take an average of 4 to 5 weeks to print, with another 4 to 5 to ship. It is important to consider this timeline when thinking about printing books in China. 


Book printing in China can hit a roadblock if you are looking to publish in a specific genre. Books that are political or religious are not allowed to be published in China. There are strict government censorship laws and regulations that keep those books from being brought to life. 

There are many advantages when it comes to book printing in China. The low cost, customization, and high-quality products make it worth self-publishing in another country. Interested in learning how to self-publish your book in China? Firewire is here to walk you through all of the steps. Visit our website, where you can request a quote and learn more about the self-publishing process. 

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